Casino Blackjack rules – the main standard for beginners and professionals

Blackjack is legitimately keeps the place in the library of the most popular games of chance and luck. It combines quite simple casino Blackjack rules and temperamental outburst that can be received during the process of game with no matter whether it takes part in Las Vegas casino or at home, sitting in front of a personal laptop. The number of followers grows up on a daily basis, and it’s the best evidence that Blackjack is a game that is worth the candle. Blackjack rules are not a rocket science, but still it’s necessary to spend some time to understand the fundamental terms of this amazing game.

The basic casino Blackjack rules

Blackjack card rules are quite simple and the major of them can be explained in a couple of sentences. There are used from 1 to 8 decks during the game that means that as more decks are used, so fewer chances to make cards’ calculations. As for face values, the numbers of the cards are equal to the points they can bring. Jacks, Queens and Kings give 10 points, and Ace can “cost” one or eleven points.

As for the process of the game, a player receives 2 cards from the very beginning, and every participant decides whether to find extra card or not, depending on the number of points in the hand. 21 points is the best total number, but first of all it’s necessary to collect more points, than a dealer do.

There are also some specific options available in Blackjack.

  • Double. Casino Blackjack rules allow making the basic bet 2 times higher.
  • Insurance. It’s a kind of additional bet that gives a chance to save the main bet, if a dealer has Ace, as the opened card.
  • Split. If a gambler has 2 cards of the same value, it’s a chance to “create” 2 hands with more chances to win, but with more chances to lose, as well.

There are some more options, which are available in Blackjack, but the mentioned rules are absolutely enough for beginners to start their way in the world of this fantastic game.

Special tricks in Blackjack

There are many professionals who use special techniques, during the game process, and the most popular of them are card counting and shuffle tracking that are practically the same in general.

Casino Blackjack rules

The casino blackjack strategy of card counting or shuffle tracking claims a player to have mathematics mind. The main thing is to remember all cards that have already been dealt. The most popular strategy here is so called High-Low. The essence is the following. When a gambler sees big card, it’s necessary to subtract 1 point from personal amount. Small cards add 1 point to the sum and middle cards (sevens, eights and nines) are just ignored. As an example, if a current “score” is + 4, it means that next card will, probably, be a high one and vice versa. The issue is that this strategy is difficult to be used in online casinos, where randomize systems are used.

So, in general online Blackjack is more a game for lucky players, than for men of genius, as practically all software providers try to protect their programs from guys, who has special gifts, which allow them winning every time.

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